About Us

We are building this website to give people a real life examples of different people making financial decisions in the UK. Personal finance can be one of the most stressful and confusing things to deal with and making sure that you get it right is crucial.

But what is wright is the question we come up against over and over again. To be honest this is the question that bought this website to reality. As know ones finances are identical and everybody has different habits and commitments there is not a set plan to personal financial success. It can take a long time and some very hard lessons along the way. The one thing we know is people are different but their experiences can be similar. When working towards a goal or figuring out if you are doing the right thing it can be increasingly difficult. We often rely on friends and family for advice or an example of when they have faced a similar problem. We have learnt that many people don’t do this when it comes to discussing their individual finances and if they do it they may not be 100% honest allowing them to get the help or advice they need.

We want to create a library of real story’s form real people across the uk about their experience dealing with their personal financial affairs. We believe that giving people the freedom to share their story’s and the ups and downs anonymously will help others. We call it crowd advice although the story about a first time buyer may not relate to you exactly it maybe something you are considering for your children. Or the way they shortlisted their mortgage advisor may be a golden nugget of information that will help you understand more of what you need to.

You can submit to us via our contact us page. We are only a small group of people so the more people that can get involved in helping us get real life examples of financial decisions will be great. All we ask is that you write your post in English and break down the steps you took and the consequence of that decision good or bad. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you get some advice from the many articles we have ready upload over the coming weeks.